April, 2013

Release of the Panzer Corps Grand Campaign Mega Pack ’39-’45 and a patch for Panzer Corps

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

  Slitherine , Flashback Games Studio and the Lordz Games Studio (www.thelordzgamesstudio.com) are proud to announce the release of the Panzer Corps Grand Campaign Mega Pack ’39-’45 and a patch for Panzer Corps. We know that a lot of people already have at least some of the Grand Campaign and rather than have you pay for the same […]

Panzer Corps Mega Pack trailer

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Less than a week and the Panzer Corps Mega Pack will be on store!  Have a look at this video to see what you can expect:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9sMeaPNtcQ&feature=youtu.be&a   For more information visit the official product page.

More info on Panzer Corps: Allied Corps

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

Here some more info on the upcoming Panzer Corps: Allied Corps: – We hope to start the Beta somewhere in the second half of April. – Aimed release date is the 6th of June 2013. – Allied Corps will integrate into Panzer Corps, just like Africa does, if installed on top of existing Panzer Corps […]

Panzer Corps: Grand Campaign `39-`45 Discounts

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

Panzer Corps: Grand Campaign `39-`45 Discounts Hi guys, we’ve worked out the discount system. We wanted it to apply to both digital and boxed copies and so we had to limit the max discount to 70% which is lower than we initially thought. The discounts can`t have a different % on different items – it […]

Panzer Corps Grand Campaigns Trees

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Panzer Corps Grand Campaigns Trees There are only 12 days until the release of the Panzer Corps Grand Campaign Mega Pack! To celebrate the impending release, we will release one hand–crafted Campaign Tree, created by artist Alexandra Pacuretu (known also as Taly), per day. The images shows the complete list of branching scenario with possible […]