Panzer Corps Grand Campaign ’43 East

With great pleasure we announce the release of the fifth expansion for our award winning game Panzer Corps.

Panzer Corps Grand Campaign ’43 East

The war on the Eastern Front continues! Following the stunning reversal at Stalingrad, the Wehrmacht seeks to regain the initiative in the East with fierce counterattacks lead by brand new Panther and Tiger tanks! Take command of your forces once again to crush the Soviet winter offensive and prepare to engage in the largest tank battle in the history of the world at Kursk!

This DLC features 13 all new scenarios, extra large maps that recreate epic engagements, unique objectives such as escorting damaged units to safety and headhunter operations, and the capacity to save your core force for use in future campaigns!

The Grand Campaigns are a series of expansions for Panzer Corps and require the original Panzer Corps main game.

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4 responses to “Panzer Corps Grand Campaign ’43 East”

  1. george says:

    is there any deals if i want to buy all expansions + the game at one time?

  2. Tim says:

    I`me afraid not at this point in time, we are offering the expansions already at rock bottom prices.

    The full game is currently 29.99 $ USD. The expansions are 4.99 $ USD each.

  3. George Krashos says:

    Any word yet on whether this will be released for MAC?

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