Panzer Corps Grand Campaign Boxed Copies Issue

Dear All,

it has just come to our attention that an error during the manufacturing process that all of the boxed copies of Panzer Corps Grand Campaign ’39 and Grand Campaign ’40 purchased via the Slitherine or Matrix store had been put on hold. This means that no boxed copies for either of these games have been manufactured or shipped. The process was mistakenly put on hold because of a defect which was resolved, but the process was not restarted. Due to this error it will take until Tuesday 15th November for the factory to catch up with the orders. We are already reviewing our processes to ensure this cannot happen again. This does not affect the main Panzer Corps boxed copies.

We are extremely sorry for the mistake and would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the delay in dispatch of your orders.

We greatly value your support and as a gesture of goodwill we will be contacting everyone who ordered a boxed copy over the next few days with a discount voucher.

Once again we would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the problem.

The Slitherine Team & Matrix Team

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2 responses to “Panzer Corps Grand Campaign Boxed Copies Issue”

  1. rob says:

    is there any way to buy both campaigns at one time? i purchased both but had to pay separate freight charges…can this be done in the future? thanks

  2. Tim says:

    Best is to ask this direct to our publisher Slitherine/Matrix as they handle sales, production and distribution.

    Here is the best place:

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