Panzer Corps is released and available!

Panzer Corps is released and available in both Slitherine and Matrix shops. Enjoy and if you like the game, spread the word please!

[11 Jul 2011] It’s D-Day !!!

Panzer Corps Is Now Available! The next generation of wargaming has arrived!

Slitherine (, Matrix Games (, and The Lordz Games Studio ( are thrilled to announce that their long-anticipated next-generation World War II strategy game, Panzer Corps, is now available!

There have been plenty of exciting details and features about Panzer Corps leading up to the release, such as an AAR, screenshot packs, a gameplay video and teaser trailer, plus plenty of preview coverage as well. Panzer Corps has also been avidly covered by the press. Gamer’s Hall said, “Panzer Corps seems to combine the strengths of the original [Panzer General] with modern amenities.” also agreed, “It’s great to see Panzer General’s spirit lives on!”

Now it’s time to go to war as Panzer Corps has hit the store and is available to download.

The boxed version will be available for shipment on the 18th of July, but you can already buy and reserve your copy now !

Buy Panzer Corps now at Matrix!


Buy Panzer Corps now at Slitherine!

Support or Questions

For any technical or gameplay support, questions or feedback, visit the Panzer Corps official game forums at Slitherine or Matrix.

Panzer Corps forum at Slitherine


Panzer Corps forum at Matrix

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