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To start off, can you tell me a little about The Lordz Games Studio? The company is no stranger to developing turn based strategy games, correct?

The Lordz Games Studio is a privately funded, independent game development studio based out of The Netherlands and Belgium. Launched in 2006, we are dedicated to developing cross-platform titles that are fun, highly playable and mirror our passion for military history. We just love developing strategy and war games.

Most of the company

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  1. Marius Lien says:

    Will Panzer Corps be available for Mac?

  2. Tim says:

    Yes after the PC version is released, Panzer Corps will be ported to MAC, but it will take some months.

  3. guzm says:

    Im, afther long time, searching for a strategy game without the stress and nosense of srcolling fast for making / training units and fight at the same time. I didnt want either to go again to the university for learn to play a game before to play it.

    This one seems to be what Im searching for. Good luck and thank you for working on it!

    Can you post some information more about online gameplya? Will there be a leaderboard or something like that?

  4. Jacques says:

    Now that the game has been postponed shouldn’t you change the counter on the page ?

    • Tim says:

      It is, refresh the website or empty your webbrowser’s cache files and you should be able to see the reset clock.

  5. Tim says:

    Hi guys, sorry we are dead busy.

    We posted on Twitter, Facebook, the LGS forum, Slitherine

  6. DeadAz says:

    No worries mate!

    Great to hear you are polishing off the game and I’m certain we can all wait another month for it.

    Can’t wait!

  7. guzm says:

    Sure, we can wait.

    Tym, I have read the interview, but this is a lit unclear to me, as is full of technical words. I dont know what a PBEM++ mode is, for exemple.

  8. Tim says:

    PBEM++ is a server based automatic Play By E-Mail system.

    So your multiplayer turn games are saved and send through a central server. You can issue or accept MP challenges and in the game your turns are automatically saved and send through the server and your online opponent gets an automatic ingame message, together with a traditional email, it is his turn to play.

    All this is done for you by the server, so you don’t have to save the game, send an email, download your opponent’s save game and install it by hand, as is normal with traditional PBEM games, the server and game do it for you.

    Turn based strategy games are ideal being played with this new PBEM++ system. On top we are adding more features to it, by all measures the PBEM++ matchmaking service introduced with Field of Glory is a huge success with already more than one million game-turns being played through it.

    The plan is to seriously extend it with the new tournament system try-out already getting a good reception and there

  9. guzm says:

    Now is clear. Thank you very much. This game is in my list. Take the time you need for polishing it.

  10. Marshal Tukhachevsky says:

    i also loved the briefings;they were a huge part of my PG experiences & would love to see them return!thank you so much for bringing this game new life!

  11. Tim says:

    You know that saying: “Friend don’t let friends drive drunk?”

    Well this is: “Nebelwerfers don’t let Nebelwerfers get overrun by Shermans.”

    Wurfrahmen and Nebelwerfer… we just love them. LOL

    P.S. Optimised for Firefox

  12. Jacques says:

    Hi Was wondering if the game is on track for a mid June release?

  13. Denis M. says:

    This is amazing! Me and my brother were just talking about having someone create a PG like game only for 21st century and here it is! Well, you guys just got yourself at least 3 more customers here (will try to get all of my friends in to this)…now if only you could release this on Steam as well. We can’t wait!

    • Denis M. says:

      Shoot, can’t edit my comment, but what I mean by ’21st century’ is updated game play and graphics, but main core of what makes PG still the same (unlike the travesty they just did with Xcom by making it in to FPS).

  14. Tim says:

    Release Candidate 1 of Panzer Corps will be available to all testers later today! This is the last step towards Gold. Text editing, localization, some small art polish and bug hunting and we are done from the developing side that is.

    Than it is up to Slitherine/Matrix to arrange printing, manufacturing, distribution, preparing and setting up the online shops, getting review code out to press, get PR into full gear, set up retail… and release. So we are now entering the final stages.

    Next week is when we are done on the development side, please follow Slitherine/Matrix for an exact release date! I know it must be frustrating, but believe me, everybody has worked their butts of here, months of working 100+ hours in 7 day weeks.

    Slitherine/Matrix will soon set the final release day, they are in full gear preparing, so please visit and register at the Slitherine/Matrix websites for any publishing questions. It is in their hands now.

  15. Petar says:

    Is it possible to pay the Panzer Corps for Mac now, and wait when it will be released. Now is cheaper for 1/3.

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