The first issue of Panzer Corps development diary

Welcome to the first issue of Panzer Corps development diary. The initial announcement of Panzer Corps aroused a lot of discussions throughout the Web. We are grateful for all the positive responses we

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68 responses to “The first issue of Panzer Corps development diary”

  1. Milkbone says:

    Wow! I have to say I am excited to see that this is being released, I have such fond memories of playing Panzer General I and II for many hours at a time over the years. Best of luck!

  2. Alastair Campbell says:

    Sounds excellent. The devs seem to be covering all the bases. I am eagerly awaiting this one…

  3. Pzt_Kami says:

    According to this Diary ,This is the game I was dreaming for after Panzer General II. I’m really looking forward to this game. But some questions I have.
    After watching the game’s trailer and several screen shots ,I’m worried that maybe the units are a little static (Unlike PG2 that they could spin 360 degree around and had kind of 3D feeling) ,Is it true or are you going to change this and we will see units moving and firing to every angles?

    Also I think the maps (at least those I’ve seen so far) are a little huge compare to PG2 (I’ve never played PG1). I got the impression that maybe the battles (Scenarios) show for instance the whole map of Poland and you have to control the whole german army fought in poland and take it in just one one scenario? unlike PG2 that the map show only the area around one specific location like Levov?

    anyways ,I wish you good luck and thank you for working on this game 🙂


    • Alex says:

      Hi Pzt_Kami, in addition to what Tim has said, the scale of the map is bigger in Panzer Corps than in PG2, but hex count will not be all that different. For example, in PG2 Poland map is 36×31 and in PzC it is 29×31, i. e. even smaller. Also, while some maps will be a bit larger than that, it does not mean that the action will use all that space. For example, Balkans map (which you see on one of the screenshots) is big, but there won’t be a lot of action (if any at all) in Italy and on the sea.

      The difference between PG2 and PzC is that in our games the maps will be more complex, with a lot of rivers, forests, mountains, roads and railroads etc. So, more careful planning of the battle will be required.

  4. tim says:

    The units are 3D rendered images, shown from the side in a slight angle, so more a classic look, but with 3D technology behind it. In our view it allows the best of two worlds, very good looking unit icons that you can recognize easily on the screen.


  5. Pzt_Kami says:

    Thanks Tim for the reply and thank a lot for working on this game. But as you said nothing about my second question ,I think I was correct about the map and they will be bigger than PG2 maps 🙁 But we shall see what’s the end result.

    Can’t waite any more to command my own Panzer Korps 🙂


  6. tim says:

    The maps are quite big yes, so it allows a good deal of tactical manoeuvring.

    Thanks for the support, we will do our best to make it a classic.


  7. jacques says:

    Will there be a port of this game for eg the android phones ? i think a port for handhelds would be awesome a year or two in the future.

    • Alex says:

      Hi Jacques. If the game is successful on PC, it is very likely that we’ll do ports to various other platforms. But at this point it is too early to discuss specific platforms and time frames.

  8. I love panzer general I, and II also fans of the SSI series like People General ( although its not a good sequel )

    We’re mobile development company and would like to offer Android and iPhone porting from my company / work on some mobile 🙂

    • tim says:

      Hi Terry,

      Thanks for the support, we first need to see how this game will do on PC and Mac before we can afford additional porting costs to iOS or Android.

      I doubt you are offering it free of charges. 🙂



      • Pzt_Kami says:

        As long as you’re trying to make it very close to what Panzer General 2 was , Then this game will shine otherwise ,It would be another failed attempt ! Like all the sequels after PG2 that made by SSI itself ,But because all failed to be a game even in par with PG2 let alone to be better than it ! However I have high hope for this one

      • We offer you a co-operation for sharing market sales fee, development cost is free, initial cost free, only need graphic design and all artwork from your side.

        Please consider, since I’m a fans of PG series 🙂 and considering it after PC version release will be good also. Contact me then.

  9. Vucko says:

    Can you play as Yugoslavia in the balkans scenario?On the screenshot i can see the german and greek flag.So will there be anymore sides to take in that scenario?

    • Vucko says:

      Excuse me for spamming,but I found an mistake in the WW2 timeline on this site.

      It is correct that germany invaded yugoslavia and greece on the 6th of april 1941. The mistake is that the picture of yugoslavia is actually from the year 1995. when yugoslavia had only to states-Serbia and Montegro.

      Germany invaded kingdom of yugoslavia,so you should put the correct map in the timeline.

    • Alex says:

      Yes, Yugoslavia will participate in Balkans scenario as well.

  10. tim says:

    Timeline is not made by us, so we cannot change it.

    We planned to do one ourselves, but we just lack the time at the moment… if there are volunteers who like building a better timeline, please PM me.

  11. Bingo says:

    As far as I can see, some take this as a PG2 follow up. But it is based on PG (read PG1) right? Thus the bigger scaled maps etc.
    I’m really looking forward to this one.
    All the best.

    • Pzt_Kami says:

      PG2 was sequel to PG1 and was far more better and successful game compare to PG1. So why should they make this game according to PG1 instead of PG2??! It’s not logical !

  12. David Marr says:

    Thanks Guys for bringing this game to fruition. I look foward to Purchasing a copy.

  13. Tony K says:

    Finally! Can’t wait. Glad you guys are doing this.

  14. Gib says:

    This is fantastic news!

    I do hope the battle system will NOT repeat the same bad thing that PG did – units only DEFEND ONE TIME, not multiple times. IE: in PG, you attack with say for eample 3 tanks vs defenders 1 infantry the damn infy fires once at each tank wich is not right obviously – it gets one shot just like everything else.

    Thats annoyed the shit out of me in PG and destroyed my suspension of disbelief and made the game less fun. To this day I still can’t believe they did that.

    Now on the other hand, if you allow say a defense shot vs 1 type of each in a turn I can see that since each unit is rated in various defenses. But if I attack will all the same unit type then only one type is rolled.

    Ok I feel better and can’t wait till you release this! We need more golden age of strategy and rpgs to come back, the last decade or so as been soo sparse….


  15. sjc03 says:

    I liked PG1 much better than PG2 game wise.. allied general and Pacific general had more options to.. I hope the added features of play will not just be eye candy and I think the bigger maps the better for longer campaigns.

  16. mike says:

    I like pg1 and 2 and allied gen. and pac. gen also.
    I’m glad you guys are working on this new game. From the looks of it, it seems to have the good graphics of pg2 and the game play of pg1 i imagine. That would be good to have battles not included in the originals.
    I would like to see remake of ag and pacgen also. Thanks again….

  17. Gib says:

    So for the devs, what changes/what will the new combat mechanics be like? Will you be implementing combined arms attacks that yield some bonus?


  18. tim says:

    Yes, combined arms, terrain, weather, supply, etc… bonuses or penalties are all taken into account within the combat formula`s.

  19. jacques says:

    twitter said: “All US 3D models for Panzer Corps are done, only Russians to do. First draft of the music is in, really great tunes!” On Dec the 29th, is it possible to put some of the models the website? By the way can not wait for this game it is definitely on my to buy list. Keep up the good work.

  20. tim says:

    They are, in artwork the German 3D models we show are the ones we use to render the 2D units in the game, or do you specifically mean some US models?

    • jacques says:

      Not any specific model. Just an example of the work you have done regarding the us models if you have them rendered like the German models that are already on the website.
      Thanks for making this game i am looking forward to playing it.

  21. tim says:

    In a few weeks time, together with the second development diary, we will add some more screens and artwork. I will add a US model for you. 😉

  22. Gib says:

    Will the combat mechanics be of the old chit/hex type where you select a defender and then select your units to attack it and come up with a final odd level. do this for all attacks then execute your turn type of deal to be able to properly simulate combined arms? With PG each unit attacks individually with no consideration of tanks being supported by infantry being supported by arty at once…

    The only game I’ve played that really gives a feeling that combined arms is being done right is the Axis and Allies clone called Attack by Eagle Games board game. Nutshell: each unit rolls a die and there are icons of units on the die. Roll a die for each unit(tanks roll 2) and for each icon that comes up match it to an unmatched unit of yours. Total up the matches(extra hits ignored) and that the number of hits inflicted. This isn’t exact just an overall summary. I think advanced rules such as air hits can choose what untis they hit if no enemy aircraft to dogfight with.

    • Alex says:

      In Panzer Corps we’ll use the old school “move unit by unit” model.

      • Gib says:

        When you say it will “use the old school movement method” that could be good or bad. What are you saying here? Will all attacks be individual attacks or will you do the “old school” combat as I am hoping you will where a defender is selected to attack then the you select all attackers participating in that attack and then resolve it as a unified combined arms fight?

  23. Steelslayer says:

    Some elements of PG2 were superior to PG1, (like overstrengthening units between scenarios, leader traits, 3d look, visual) but PG1 was more a challenging, and more interesting maps and battles.

  24. Bandit 2 says:

    Really excited to see this. PG was a great game and there’s been a void ever since. Now if someone would re-make Panzer Commander…

  25. Az1 says:

    I can’t wait to play it. Thank you so much for making the game. I’ve been hanging out for another quality/fun PG type game ever since thrashing the heck out of the originals!
    Good on you all!

  26. Tony K says:

    WOuld you guys consider porting this game to the iPad??? That would also be a no brainer!!

  27. Manfred Hartmann says:

    Hello Guys,

    PG1 was the one and only game to play with.

    Great idea for republishing a new version of this game.

    Is it possible to implement a “one click button” to get an exact PG1 feeling include the original settings (like an exact copy). So fans of the original can play like the original.

    Do you think about publishing this game in different languages (simply by choosing a language) or do you implement language files to update the game. I am from Germany and it would be great to play this game in my motherlanguage.

    I look forward to play this “new” game and wish you all the best for your work.

    best regards from Germany

  28. Tim says:

    Hi Manfred,

    Maybe the initial digital release is in English only, but the game will be localized as EFIGS: English, French. Italian, German and Spanish) minimal.

    And most likely some other localisation languages are added later as Russian, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese…



  29. Uther says:

    I am very excited to see this title!!!

  30. Dave says:

    Starting playing PG in 1995, and have played it every since plus adding PG2, people’s General PG Assault as well.

    Good luck–looking forward seeing the game

  31. Khanh says:

    A definite buy! And on the Ipad, great!

  32. Dimitri says:

    Another simple WWII game – maps look for me in to small details – no troop organisation trees, no vehicle animations and terraineffects – that looks very bad. Hey Guys We are at 2011 not in 1995 !!! OK its an little PG1 upgrade , but not more.


  33. carmelo says:

    Great idea for republishing a new version of this game
    i wait to Purchasing a copy.
    is my old best game

    is in italian language?

  34. Nicholas hill says:

    One of my annoyances with PG is that you can have a falsely large forces. I once ended up invading Syria / Iraq with about 15 Panzer divs. Will Panzer Korp put a historical limit on units?
    I also really liked that you could get experts in PGIII.

  35. Arne says:

    Hope you can put the same “one more turn” feeling i had with PG1 and PG2 back to me.
    Wanna quit WoW very hard and i guess PC is the game to do it for me:)

  36. Derek says:

    Looking forward to this game. My dad played the original PG series I and II and got me into this genre. I’ll get this for his B-Day which is right after it comes out!

  37. BAJ says:

    Huge fan of the PG series. I am very much looking forward to this.

  38. forsaken says:

    No news since december. Hope this game does not become vaporware 🙁

    • Tim says:

      The game is in full Beta at the moment, we are preparing for a big game press event in Italy next week to show the game more in detail and in person to some specialized wargaming journalists and media.

      So no worries, we are on schedule and the game is getting closer to Gold.

      After Italy, we will officially announce the final release date.

  39. H.Balck says:

    The map scale looks like original PG1 – Do you include own maps or all the old PG1 maps – Can we mod all the maps to greater size (more than 500 x 500 hexfields) ?


  40. H.Balck says:

    Do you include leaderheads, animations and historical troops ? What is the level of the troops – Regimant, Batl or Division ? Looks like the old confused PG1 organisation.


    • Tim says:

      We have included aces/heroes, animated effects are in and you can rename your Wehrmacht or Waffen-SS troops, so you can create any of your favourite historical troops.

      There is no consistency in scale neither for units neither or maps. Considering land unit classes are included you could compare them with Battalion or Regiment scale but when you look what operations are included in the main campaign, it is easy to say some of them are Divisional or Corps scale.

      We combined several aspects that generate the most fun, Battalion like units in Divisional sized operations where emphasis is given on pure tactics. We didn’t aim for realism defined by a consistent scale.

  41. H.Balck says:

    Thanks for your quick answers ! BTW – its also possible to play a grand scenario like Barbarossa or Kursk in company or batl level.
    What is the maximal map size ?


    • Tim says:

      Barbarossa and Kursk are in of course. Map sizes are flexible from small to ultra large, with the editor you can produce anything you like.

  42. H.Balck says:

    Looks like the forum is death here… !
    No answers in the last 9 days. When comes the game out 39 days – last days you show only one and a half week – Whats going on ?


  43. bobbylee says:

    pushed back? 39 days til available now?

  44. bobbylee says:

    when can we buy? thought it was next week? vaporware?

  45. Tim says:

    Hi guys, sorry we are dead busy.

    We posted on Twitter, Facebook, the LGS forum, Slitherine’s forum and Matrix forum why we delayed the game with one month. I forgot to post here, my apologies.

    There is good new and bad news. The bad news is we are not on track to release Panzer Corps in May as planned. The good news is that this is because we’re adding more polish and some additional cool content and even more missions. We decided the game is looking so good we need to put that extra bit of time and effort in to making it a real hit.

    We’re still doing quite a lot of extra work on the graphics at the moment, after that we will certainly post some new screenshots and probably some videos as well.

    We apologise for the delay and hope you can understand and be patient, the new date is set now for mid June!

  46. bobbylee says:

    cool- thanks- it looks like its worth waiting for- no wargame since pg garner the anticipation that i think this one merits- cant wait to buy it

  47. H.Balck says:

    Good news – I hope we can see some more screens and many new features.


  48. Tim says:

    Release Candidate 1 of Panzer Corps will be available to all testers later today! This is the last step towards Gold. Text editing, localization, some small art polish and bug hunting and we are done from the developing side that is.

    Than it is up to Slitherine/Matrix to arrange printing, manufacturing, distribution, preparing and setting up the online shops, getting review code out to press, get PR into full gear, set up retail

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